Welcome to the missionary blog of Sister Ralynne Riggs. Here you will be able to follow Ralynne's experiences as she serves a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in the California San Diego Mission and Mormon Battalion Historic Site. We will do our best to keep you updated weekly and hope you will find joy in being a part of Sister Riggs' mission!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from Sister Riggs!‏

Hello Dear Family!!!
Are you all ready with your Halloween costumes for tomorrow?! I hope you all have fun plans! We have to be in and off the streets by 6:30pm to be safe so...ya'll have some fun for me OK? I'll be studying = ) Anyone dressing up as Sister Riggs?? Ha ha...I'd be honored.
What an amazing week we have had here in El Cajon! We are in such a blessed area and as we have planned out every hour and had back-ups ready to go...we find we are constantly able to teach. We taught 25 lessons last week, added four new investigators, and have 6 with a baptismal date! MIRACLES! I have been astounded by literally feeling the Holy Ghost guide and prompt my steps and my words. I am always beat at the end of the day and collapse into my pillow and there is not greater feeling than knowing everything I did that day was for the Lord and for the salvation of His children. It's the greatest thing to be exhausted in!
So some of our miracles that happened this week came because of a list of names given to us both by the young women and the relief society. They were names of less-active members or members they hadn't seen or heard from in awhile. We taught one young woman and found out she actually had never been baptized and was in a part-member family and has wanted to be baptized for a long time now...she is 12 and her little sister is 9 and my little trainee (Sister Greathouse) extended her first baptismal invitation and they both said yes! So cool! They always say how happy and excited they are and the joy they feel because they are excited to be clean when they are baptized! Then, we also discovered another part-member family at one of the residences listed on the Relief Society list....I think I mentioned that last week, but to update..we added the woman's daughters, age 12 and 15, and they are also so excited to be baptized in December, and just always say how they can't wait to have the gift of the Holy Ghost with them. ANOTHER great miracle comes back to our dear Pentecostal friend, Jack...we were planning for his lesson this last Thursday morning and all of us felt stumped as to what he needed. We said a prayer for guidance and each of us started pondering...the story of Abinadai and Alma came to mind and I was thinking, "huh??? how does that relate?" But I turned there and started reading about how Alma believed on Abinadai's WORDS...just his word....because it was filled with truth...it pierced their hearts and they knew...they didn't need further evidence....Jack has been saying he wants to believe but needs to learn more and understand this and that...basically answers to a lot of deep doctrine that just doesn't matter when it comes to gaining a testimony...I read on to the baptismal invitation in Mosiah 18 and felt the spirit strongly...I mentioned it to Sister Hudson...she said, "interesting...because that crossed my mind too when I was looking through stories about testimony of Jesus Christ...and that popped out to me...what's interesting also is that Alma was a priest and very involved in his church or with the other priests, just like Jack is tied to his...." Then Sister Greathouse said, "I was reading in Alma 32 about faith..." and as we talked we saw how each piece came together...We read how Alma believed on Abinadai's words, how the people believed and had hope because of what he taught (repentance and redemption), showed him a Mormon Message about the Atonement and asked why he thought the people were able to believe and have hope as they heard that message, then read in Alma 32 about what faith is and nourishing the word....I asked him to tell me yes or no to the the questions in Mosiah 18: 8-9....then had him read verse 10...and invited him to be baptized...the spirit was so strong and he sat and sought heaven for a long time in silence and said, "Yes. I can't feel a no, so I will say yes." WHAT???!!!!! MIRACLE! He told us of the concerns he still has...and we promised to help...he may not keep his date for Dec 1st...but...the spirit strongly prompted us to extend the invitation so I know it was inspired and needed to happen. I had tears in my eyes as I asked. We saw him last night and he said ever since then he has been tossing and turning and praying constantly and calling all his Mormon friends to ask them what they think or know about a few of his questions...he knows this is true..he just has to accept it! Too cool!
Another BIG miracle...my companion that I am helping to train, Sister Greathouse, was struggling a bit...had some health problems in the MTC and spent extra time there...and when she got here she was struggling. Missionary life is very stressful and challenging and physically taxing and she was in a lot of pain from anxiety. She had decided to go home, but it couldn't be final until all the hoops had been jumped through. I did not want her to go. I saw so much potential in her and knew she would be a powerful force here if she could just keep pushing on and get through the first few weeks. I did what I could to encourage her, pleaded and pleaded with the Lord to help me to know what to say so she would stay. Well, I wanted to give her the best days if she was going to be leaving. She loves the ocean and I planned to surprise her and take her to the cliffs so she could see it before she left....everything fell apart last week and all the plans fell through to do that...I was so sad...but I had to go to a rehearsal for a fireside that night at the Battalion (which she also wanted to see) and I told her on our drive there I was sorry and sad because I wanted to surprise her and it didn't work out....(miracle one) ...she also felt a special spirit at the Battalion and while we were singing was prompted to open up her scriptures...she opened to D&C 75:3-5, 12 (miracle 2)...the next day...just before her final phone call to the president with her decision...she got to make her first baptismal invitation...and they said yes. (miracle 3) Through all of that she decided to stay! But she wrote me a note and told me the first time she felt to stay was when I told her of my plan to surprise her and how much love she felt in just that simple thought of her! Who knew that was all it would take? Heavenly Father did!!!
He is aware of you. You are His child. Trust Him!
Lots of Love,
Sister Riggs

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sister Riggs

Hello Dear Family,

Well today has been crazy, as usual, and had lots of trouble finding a place we could e-mail...with the economy the way it is, and the part of town we live in, EVERYONE goes to the library for the Internet...so I just barely got to a computer and have but a few minutes to share some more of my missionary miracles from this past week.

One of the sweetest moments was this last Monday. We went to visit a dear member who is in a nursing home, Brother Pearce. He is an older, sweet gentleman in a wheelchair and he is one of the Sunday School teachers and he had been sick and also got his feelings hurt at church and was needing a friend. We went to see him and he resisted us at first and didn't really wanna hear any scriptures or songs....but we talked to his roommate for a minute and sang him a primary song and then once Brother Pearce had been settled into his bed we asked if we could sing him a couple songs...we sang "Give Said the Little Stream" and "Whenever I Hear..." and just spent some time with him and he thanked us several times for coming and said he was on the mend and would be back at church and hopefully teaching. He was an English teacher for several years and considers it a gift to teach...he always puts so much in his lessons...even makes note cards....again even being in his 80s and in a wheelchair...but the part that touched my heart was at the end, he asked if he could pray and we said of course....I have never heard such a heartfelt prayer and a prayer full of nothing but asking blessings for us....he spoke of his great gratitude for us coming....he mentioned how he had been feeling discouraged and down and how the gift of companionship through us Sister Missionaries lifted his spirits and brought him much joy and comfort. He then prayed for us to be strengthened but then asked, "If Thou wilt permit me to pray for these sweet sister's parents...he prayed for their blessings and health and comfort in being far away from their daughters and how hard that must be....I cried through the whole prayer...afterward I said, "We came here to cheer you up, but you've cheered us up and blessed us!" Such a sweet sweet man. Oh how our elder loved ones need us to the very end. I was so glad we went...he wasn't in our plans, but as things fell through, I just kept thinking...Scotty needs us to go see him....prompting!!!

I had a few more experiences throughout the week where a simple thought or name came to mind or stood our on paper and I followed it and saw it truly was the spirit guiding me...After a dinner appointment the other night I for some reason skipped right passed the other names listed and read this one like it was the plan to go see this family we had street contacted and hadn't been able to get a hold of yet. We went and they were home and invited us right in and they want to learn about the restored gospel. Both the mom and dad are so open to it and so kind and already have a strong belief in Christ. They are a sweet family from Iraq and I can't wait to see the blessings come to them as they discover these amazing truths for themselves.

We also had finished our appointments the other day for the morning and were headed to lunch but I couldn't get another name out of my head and thinking about going home without seeing her made me feel awful inside and I just thought..."I think she's home right now..." again, someone we couldn't get a hold of...we couldn't get in the complex (the previously broken gate we were able to get in was now fixed) and I was trying to figure out how to call someone through the intercom and the gate opened to a car coming in! So we got in and guess who was home??? Teresa! We added her as another new investigator!

And THEN....again, we were going along our day and had some extra time and I read through our whole back-up list and one name kept standing out to me...I was thinking..."Is that just because it's at the bottom of the list orrrr??? Welp let's just follow it." The person we were looking for wasn't there, but we discovered a less active who was baptized about a year or so ago and stopped going, and she wants us to teach her two teenage daughters!!! Crazy right? I have just been so thankful every single day for the guidance and promptings of the spirit....it always makes my heart leap for joy when I realize it was a prompting! I just always follow!! No matter what! That way I never have regrets!

We had some other amazing lessons and experiences this week that I don't have time to share...but so many miracles. We taught 23 lessons last week and contacted and taught many that counted in our hearts...we taught 7 just in yesterday alone! I am working hard and moving my feet along and sharing my testimony with all who will listen! I read D&C Section 75 and was so inspired! It tells us what we need to do as missionaries and all the blessings that come...and WHOA do I want those? Yes indeed!!!!

I love you all so much and miss you every day...living in a home now instead of an apartment makes me awfully homesick...especially since the house smells like Nana's did and has the same furniture Shannon and I shared growing up! But thoughts of my family make me work even harder! I want the blessings for YOU!

Have a wonderful week! Write me letters! They are my medicine!!

Your Missionary,
Sister Riggs

Monday, October 22, 2012

What Sister Riggs Didn't Know Was Coming....dun dun dun!‏

Note: Sorry...I was out of town last week, so this is last week's letter: 

Dear Family,

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law Eric! Hope it was amazing! You and LaDawn always go all out so I am sure you had some fun!

So....last week I wrote to you all in the middle of my distress...well...let me tell you what happened the rest of that day....so, like I said, I got a call from my Zone Leaders telling me to pack my bags....I just cried and cried...I went to e-mail and everyone was looking at me like, "Dude...chill out it's transfers!" I just kept thinking, "Why does this feel so wrong? If this is right, why can't I feel it is and just be like everyone else and trust in the Lord and know that everything was happening for a reason?" I calmed down a little but every time we started talking about it or I was asked about it or someone gave me a hug I kept crying again....I had the worst headache and I felt like my stomach was in knots. I went back to pack up my apartment and try to write a letter...just couldn't focus.....I was just distraught and wanted to feel OK. I was doubting my feelings from the spirit I had gotten about some of the people we were teaching or had just met on the street that I knew I was there to teach...why did I feel that if I was just gonna be moved? Well...after 7 hours of this, I got a phone call from my Zone Leaders again and they told me I was to call my mission president immediately....I was like, "What?! You're kidding...what is going on?!" So my heart raced as I called President Clayton. He asked me how I was doing and I said, "Umm...OK...a little shocked but trying to trust in the Lord." He told me there was a special situation and that I would be staying in the same area and working in the same ward....I was like, "OK....really?" (Wondering how this was possible) He said, "You were told to pack your bags though, because you will be a full-proselyting missionary and will not be at the Mormon Battalion for this transfer (6 weeks)." I was speechless...but as soon as he told me that my headache literally melted away and I felt that peace and calm come...that confirmation I was waiting for, that this was right. So I was told to pack up ALL my bags....I had to keep it in confidence until the next morning at transfer meeting...that was hard....but the next day at transfers...everyone found out their new areas and their new companions...and then there was me....President Clayton asked me to stand, and he got a little emotional as he called my name...there was a pause and I started to choke up and he made the announcement that I would be staying in the Fuerte Ward but would be full-proselyting. I was overwhelmed by the reaction of love from everyone. When they closed the meeting all the Senior couples were coming up to me and hugging me and with tears in their eyes told me how much they would miss me there but would look forward to the day I will come back (because this is only temporary) ...that they knew how wonderful of a missionary I was and that is why the Lord needed me so much in the field. They were all taking pictures with me and I was like, "hey I'm not LEAVING leaving!!" But I was humbled and the love and the tears I felt and the testimonies from other Sisters to me of encouragement and confidence.....President's wife told me it was one of the first specific inspirations President Clayton received when praying about this transfer.....I know it was truly inspired. I felt that and I am honored and humbled and feel a weight of responsibility on my shoulders...that Heavenly Father would entrust me with this...there is SO much work to do in this area and now we have the time to do it! I promised President I would work wholes into the soles of my shoes over the next 6 weeks = ) ....So, I suddenly got a new companion, Sister Hudson, and we threw all our belongings in a car and moved to El Cajon and are now living in the Bishop's house in their spare room!!! And EVERYTHING I have been trained (or at least the flow of things) how to do is new and different as a full-timer.....but hey...a chance to learn and grow. Sister Hudson is awesome and we clicked immediately and I felt that was for a reason...so we can just get to work....

...story doesn't end there....got a call from President last night....found out we would be getting a 3rd companion who was arriving from the MTC today and that Sister Hudson and I would be training her!!! I'm training!! WHAT?! Heavenly Father loves me....he thinks I can handle all of this!!! Ha! So they are moving a bunk bed into our room as we speak! Always expect the unexpected as a missionary!!! Crazy...this will be challenging but I know we will see many mighty miracles. We have already received confirmations of why this area needed to go full-proselyting and I know the Lord will keep showing us those along the way. I think my job will be to get these sisters to know the area and the people and help them feel comfortable and in the flow of things and then I'll be off to some new adventure...but I've learned to stop guessing....Heavenly Father is always surprising me out here!

So...that was my week....I've been a wreck! But the Lord has blessed me and helped me through...oh on top of all of that I was asked last minute to sing at a Spanish fireside in Spanish (it went great...people were talking to me in Spanish after because they thought I was fluent = )...and we had a Baptism I was in charge of pulling together as the one in the know of everything, for the first time...Sean Pennala was baptized and confirmed and surprisingly....= ) it went off without a hitch and the spirit was SOOOOO strong and our investigator Jack (pentecostal) came and we gave him a tour of the church after and in the chapel he said he felt comfortable and peace and calm....he didn't know how he would ever come to church because his heart is at his church and then guess who gave us a heart attack Sunday morning?! Jack! He came and stayed for all of church and loved it! MIRACLE!!!

Anyway...life is crazy but this is being a missionary and it is oh so good and I can't wait to see all the miracles over the next 5 weeks!!! Many to come I am sure.....President Clayton told me on the phone that he had seen a lot of growth in me over the past few weeks and believed I was going to continue to do many great things, and that he couldn't think of any better Sisters to train the new missionary than us = ) That was humbling...I always feel so inadequate and wonder how people see these things....but I have been set apart and the power and authority of this calling is real and the Lord will not fail me as long as I am faithful!!! 

A HUGE congratulations to my sweet Uncle Danny and Aunt Karin! So excited to be serving alongside you! You will do amazing things! Our senior couples here are golden and I know you will be the same! Love you soooooooo much! And soooooo happy for you!

Lots of Love,
Sister Riggs

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This just in!‏ - Sister Riggs Week 17

Hello Again from San Diego,

First of all, Happy Birthday to my amazing big brother Nathan and also to my sweet niece Reagan! I love you and miss you so much and am sending Birthday wishes your way and am hoping that they all come true. Keep being awesome!

So....I am quite the mess right now. Remember how last week I said that my transfer is coming to an end and I would be sending my trainer home back to Canada and getting a new companion? Well...the Lord really loves to surprise you. I dropped Sister Tanner off at the airport this morning and waved farewell. That was really weird. All I have known so far on my mission is my work with her. We had a great last week and especially a great last day. We saw a lot of miracles. Everyone was sad to see her go...our ward members, investigators, and converts..and we took lots of pictures with her and she got a lot of goodbyes......well, I just got a phone call telling me to pack my bags because I am being transferred out of my area and the Fuerte ward. I immediately started crying on the phone with my zone leaders....everyone is expecting me back...no one thought I would be leaving. I feel so attached to this ward and I have so many we are teaching that I love so much...we even have a baptism set for Saturday.....I didn't get to say goodbye to anybody and I didn't take pictures with people either because it was so unlikely that I would be leaving....Fuerte is going to have 2 new missionaries in the area now...and my heart is so so broken today....Even my Zone Leaders were in shock and told me they were so mad that they were losing me. I am doing all I can to stay calm and "trust in the Lord with all my might"....but I am not gonna lie...it's hard right now and I don't understand, but I guess that is what missions are for...stretching and growing. I really have no words...just tears and faith to see why the Lord is sending me somewhere else.....I know this is His work and He directs it and so...I must be needed somewhere else, and there must be people and experiences that await that the Lord knows that I need....it's just a little heartbreaking sometimes, but the work will go forward, and the Lord will take care of those I am leaving. Thanks for letting me get that out...it just happened so it's all I can think about! This is one of the reasons I was afraid of coming on a mission...I get too attached to people!!! ha ha = ) So anyway...that's all I know for now....tomorrow morning at transfer meeting I will find out who my new companion is and where I will be serving. Ahh...this is so weird!

WOW! How about CONFERENCE!!!!! I hope everyone got a chance to watch it. Conference is seriously better than Christmas to a missionary! I have never had so many powerful spiritual experiences listening to conference before...I know it is because I am the Lord's servant right now. And what an AMAZING announcement from our prophet!!! I totally would have gone when I was 19!!! This is going to double the missionary force and the sisters are going to be powerful! And they can still be getting married at 21! ; ) No fair! What is the greatest is that announcement really had nothing to do with me...I am already on a mission and have no family members that are 18 and 19 and could go on a mission...but when the prophet made that announcement I was filled with the spirit, head to toe, chills, and just started crying happy tears! What a beautiful confirmation to me that this was truly inspired! You should have seen all of us sisters at the Mormon Battalion after he said that...FLIPPING OUT!!! = ) It will be such an incredible blessing to millions!!!! How incredible. And as they talked about missionary work so much throughout conference, I felt overwhelming joy for the fact that I am here...I am a missionary for the Lord! I am so thankful that I had the strength and the faith to make sacrifices and trust in the Lord and come here and serve a mission....had I ignored my promptings and heard conference this weekend...I would have been so disappointed in myself....but I was joyful knowing I followed the spirit and it brought me here and I know without a doubt it is where the Lord would have me be and what He would have me be doing! You can always regret not going, but you can never regret going....to anyone thinking of serving a mission now...with this new change....just GO! As my wise stake President Shill always said, "Trust in the Lord a little will ya? This is His work." ...and I add, there is no greater work to be a part of! The Lord needs a mighty army!!! "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!" I promise you will never regret it and it will bring you greater happiness than anything else in this life ever could! "How great shall be your joy!!!" Get those papers started and just try and prove me wrong. ; ) I am so lucky, honored, and glad I am here....you will be too = )

Sean Pennala is finally getting baptized on Saturday! We met with him last night and he told us he said a prayer to feel the spirit before he went to bed. He said that he then had a dream that was like Joseph Smith's first vision...only he was in the place of Joseph...he said he saw a light and he could feel in his dream the power of the spirit and he was so happy...he woke up and said a prayer and continued to feel it and knew....!!!!!! = ) His countenance was so unbelievably bright and he was alight with joy! Our hearts were so happy for him.

Tony...our investigator getting baptized in November who's been really attached to his church choir....turned his keys in to his old church and said goodbye to his choir so he could be fully committed to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! What a huge step of faith!

Jack, our Pentecostal investigator, came to conference and watched with us and said he felt the spirit as the prophet spoke and started pointing out all of the different things he liked about the talks...he looked at the pictures of Christ we have at the Battalion right now (traveling art exhibit of "Witnesses of Christ" by Liz Lemon Swindle - amazing and brings the spirit so strong) and took the tour and he is now texting us to set his appointments = ) The Book of Mormon is changing his heart and I know he will come to know the truth and be baptized soon.

I have seen so many miracles and have been so blessed in this area....I feel many challenges are going to come...I've just had it too easy!!! ; ) But it's OK...it just means that the Lord trusts me and knows I can handle a little more stretching and a little more growing...He must really love me = ) D&C 58:2-5. I can do this!

I love you all so much and hope you are doing all you can to live close to the Lord. Why would we do anything else? That's just dumb!

Lots of love,
Sister Riggs

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Being His Hands - Sister Riggs

Hello My Dear Family,
Happy Birthday to my sweet niece Alexa! She turned 1-year-old last Saturday and had quite the party! Wish I could have joined her in "One-Derland!" She is getting so big! Hope the family had a wonderful time together.
As always, another wonderful week and always so much I want to say! I want to share though, what I think will be one of my most precious experiences here in the mission that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. We had two days of training last week. They call it Missionary Training Exchange. We were taught by our wonderful Mission President and his assistants and I learned so much in those six hours. We are trained for three, go out about our plans for the day and apply what we learned, and then the next day come back and report and bring it all together. One thing that we practiced and tried to improve on was our street contacting and doing our best to talk to everyone. One thing that our assistants said that really hit me was, "The Savior was the best at street contacting and talking to everyone. Did He ever pass somebody by? There was never a time that He walked away and said, 'Aww man, I should have told him this...' or 'I should have said that.' He was always lifting and bringing comfort." I really thought about that and how it's so true and I need to be better at trusting in the message I have to share and not being afraid to say what I feel I should or could to someone (I usually do...the problem is I don't think of it until after I walk away!). So I was on a companion exchange with Sister Rasmussen. She came with me to El Cajon and ALL of our plans fell through and NONE of our back-up plans worked out (happens often as a missionary). I was thinkin', "Man! Something has got to happen. We have to do something so we have something to report!" We were walking back to our car and there was a woman sitting by herself under a tree on the grass with her bike on the ground. She was looking pretty alone and unhappy. Sister Rasmussen said, "We could go talk to that lady." I said, "Let's do it!" We walked over and this was the conversation:
"How are you today?"
"Pretty miserable." (her tone was not so nice.)
"Is there anything we can do to help you?"
"........(wondering how to get her to open up more)........You stayin' out of the heat?"
"Is your bike OK?" (ha ha...laughed about that later)
"......(obviously not wanting to talk or be helped)....OK well, have a nice day."
We turned around and walked back to our car and drove away. Sister Rasmussen said, "I was gonna give her a mormon.org card but I don't think she has the Internet." We weren't 100% sure but I think she was homeless...just with a bike and a back-pack. I started thinking out loud..."I feel so bad....what do you do in that kind of a situation? When they are probably homeless and obviously don't want to talk to you? I just feel bad because she flat out told us she is miserable and I felt like we couldn't do anything to help her. But when you think of the Savior and the people he helped and lifted and healed, it was people just like her. But he always helped everyone no matter what. He always knew what to say...." Then Sister Rasmussen said, "I guess in a situation like that we could have just shared a message with her about hope or a scripture." I said, "Yeah, like that she is a daughter of God and He knows and loves her even though she may feel forgotten about." I had already driven a couple miles away and I was about ready to park on mainstreet so we could just walk down it and implement what we had learned and do some street contacting....but I turned to her and asked, "Do you wanna go back and talk to her?" She said, "May as well, we got time!" I got excited and kind of laughed as I turned back and said, "This may be super awkward but I know I'll feel better if we go back." She pulled out a scripture she wanted to share about the Lord being our strength and I said, "We can at least giver her a Book of Mormon...and I have a 100 Calorie Pack of Chocolate Covered Pretzels in my bag I can give her....it's not much, but it's food...and chocolate always makes me feel better." I parked down the street on the opposite side so we could come from behind and she wouldn't see us coming...lol. We came around the tree and knelt on the grass in front of her and I said, "We came back!" She asked, "Why?" I told her, "We felt bad driving away knowing you were feeling miserable and we didn't do anything to help you. We don't know your situation, or everything that might be happening in your life and might not be able to help you with those things, but we just wanted to share a message of hope with you if you don't mind." She said, "OK." And then I looked into her eyes and all I said was, "I want you to know....that you have a Father in Heaven who loves you, and you are a daughter of God...." with just those words, tears started streaming down her face. I felt the love of the Savior fill my heart as I testified to her that as alone as she may feel she never was. That God knows her by name and that she has a Savior who knows her heartache right now. I testified of the Atonement. Sister Rasmussen shared her favorite scripture and bore her testimony....this woman's name was Allison. I will never forget her face. We said we were sorry we couldn't help more but she told us we had already done so much and that it helped her to feel a little less alone. I again promised her she wasn't. I showed her where our church building was and told her she could come any Sunday morning and there would be many there to welcome her with open arms. But most of all instilled in her the knowledge that she always has her Savior and he is waiting there with open arms to embrace her if she will just come to Him. We left her with the Book of Mormon and prayed with her, and then showered her with hugs. She seemed a little lighter...and she said, "Now I can get up and go." As we walked back to our car my chest swelled with so much joy and I felt I wanted to cry but the joy kept the tears from coming.....THAT is what the Savior would have done and I realized in that moment I truly was using my hands to be His.....no greater joy, no sweeter feeling.
I will forever remember that day. That is the kind of person (not just missionary) but person I want to be....no matter there station....ALL need to be invited to come unto Christ.
I love my Savior with ALL of my heart and am thankful for his perfect example in all things.
Kim and Tashyanna Sutton were finally baptized this last Saturday and it was the CRAZIEST baptism and we had a few fiascoes but I knew miracles would happen, and they did...all worked out and what matters is that they showed their faith and were baptized and made that first most essential covenant with God. It was a happy day to see a mother and daughter baptized by their husband and father who was recently baptized and got to use his priesthood to baptize his family for the first time! = ) I can't wait to witness their family being sealed for time and all eternity in the Temple next year!!!!
I love my life! Sweet is the Work!!
Sister Riggs