Welcome to the missionary blog of Sister Ralynne Riggs. Here you will be able to follow Ralynne's experiences as she serves a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in the California San Diego Mission and Mormon Battalion Historic Site. We will do our best to keep you updated weekly and hope you will find joy in being a part of Sister Riggs' mission!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sister Riggs

Hello Dear Family,

Well today has been crazy, as usual, and had lots of trouble finding a place we could e-mail...with the economy the way it is, and the part of town we live in, EVERYONE goes to the library for the Internet...so I just barely got to a computer and have but a few minutes to share some more of my missionary miracles from this past week.

One of the sweetest moments was this last Monday. We went to visit a dear member who is in a nursing home, Brother Pearce. He is an older, sweet gentleman in a wheelchair and he is one of the Sunday School teachers and he had been sick and also got his feelings hurt at church and was needing a friend. We went to see him and he resisted us at first and didn't really wanna hear any scriptures or songs....but we talked to his roommate for a minute and sang him a primary song and then once Brother Pearce had been settled into his bed we asked if we could sing him a couple songs...we sang "Give Said the Little Stream" and "Whenever I Hear..." and just spent some time with him and he thanked us several times for coming and said he was on the mend and would be back at church and hopefully teaching. He was an English teacher for several years and considers it a gift to teach...he always puts so much in his lessons...even makes note cards....again even being in his 80s and in a wheelchair...but the part that touched my heart was at the end, he asked if he could pray and we said of course....I have never heard such a heartfelt prayer and a prayer full of nothing but asking blessings for us....he spoke of his great gratitude for us coming....he mentioned how he had been feeling discouraged and down and how the gift of companionship through us Sister Missionaries lifted his spirits and brought him much joy and comfort. He then prayed for us to be strengthened but then asked, "If Thou wilt permit me to pray for these sweet sister's parents...he prayed for their blessings and health and comfort in being far away from their daughters and how hard that must be....I cried through the whole prayer...afterward I said, "We came here to cheer you up, but you've cheered us up and blessed us!" Such a sweet sweet man. Oh how our elder loved ones need us to the very end. I was so glad we went...he wasn't in our plans, but as things fell through, I just kept thinking...Scotty needs us to go see him....prompting!!!

I had a few more experiences throughout the week where a simple thought or name came to mind or stood our on paper and I followed it and saw it truly was the spirit guiding me...After a dinner appointment the other night I for some reason skipped right passed the other names listed and read this one like it was the plan to go see this family we had street contacted and hadn't been able to get a hold of yet. We went and they were home and invited us right in and they want to learn about the restored gospel. Both the mom and dad are so open to it and so kind and already have a strong belief in Christ. They are a sweet family from Iraq and I can't wait to see the blessings come to them as they discover these amazing truths for themselves.

We also had finished our appointments the other day for the morning and were headed to lunch but I couldn't get another name out of my head and thinking about going home without seeing her made me feel awful inside and I just thought..."I think she's home right now..." again, someone we couldn't get a hold of...we couldn't get in the complex (the previously broken gate we were able to get in was now fixed) and I was trying to figure out how to call someone through the intercom and the gate opened to a car coming in! So we got in and guess who was home??? Teresa! We added her as another new investigator!

And THEN....again, we were going along our day and had some extra time and I read through our whole back-up list and one name kept standing out to me...I was thinking..."Is that just because it's at the bottom of the list orrrr??? Welp let's just follow it." The person we were looking for wasn't there, but we discovered a less active who was baptized about a year or so ago and stopped going, and she wants us to teach her two teenage daughters!!! Crazy right? I have just been so thankful every single day for the guidance and promptings of the spirit....it always makes my heart leap for joy when I realize it was a prompting! I just always follow!! No matter what! That way I never have regrets!

We had some other amazing lessons and experiences this week that I don't have time to share...but so many miracles. We taught 23 lessons last week and contacted and taught many that counted in our hearts...we taught 7 just in yesterday alone! I am working hard and moving my feet along and sharing my testimony with all who will listen! I read D&C Section 75 and was so inspired! It tells us what we need to do as missionaries and all the blessings that come...and WHOA do I want those? Yes indeed!!!!

I love you all so much and miss you every day...living in a home now instead of an apartment makes me awfully homesick...especially since the house smells like Nana's did and has the same furniture Shannon and I shared growing up! But thoughts of my family make me work even harder! I want the blessings for YOU!

Have a wonderful week! Write me letters! They are my medicine!!

Your Missionary,
Sister Riggs