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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This just in!‏ - Sister Riggs Week 17

Hello Again from San Diego,

First of all, Happy Birthday to my amazing big brother Nathan and also to my sweet niece Reagan! I love you and miss you so much and am sending Birthday wishes your way and am hoping that they all come true. Keep being awesome!

So....I am quite the mess right now. Remember how last week I said that my transfer is coming to an end and I would be sending my trainer home back to Canada and getting a new companion? Well...the Lord really loves to surprise you. I dropped Sister Tanner off at the airport this morning and waved farewell. That was really weird. All I have known so far on my mission is my work with her. We had a great last week and especially a great last day. We saw a lot of miracles. Everyone was sad to see her go...our ward members, investigators, and converts..and we took lots of pictures with her and she got a lot of goodbyes......well, I just got a phone call telling me to pack my bags because I am being transferred out of my area and the Fuerte ward. I immediately started crying on the phone with my zone leaders....everyone is expecting me back...no one thought I would be leaving. I feel so attached to this ward and I have so many we are teaching that I love so much...we even have a baptism set for Saturday.....I didn't get to say goodbye to anybody and I didn't take pictures with people either because it was so unlikely that I would be leaving....Fuerte is going to have 2 new missionaries in the area now...and my heart is so so broken today....Even my Zone Leaders were in shock and told me they were so mad that they were losing me. I am doing all I can to stay calm and "trust in the Lord with all my might"....but I am not gonna lie...it's hard right now and I don't understand, but I guess that is what missions are for...stretching and growing. I really have no words...just tears and faith to see why the Lord is sending me somewhere else.....I know this is His work and He directs it and so...I must be needed somewhere else, and there must be people and experiences that await that the Lord knows that I need....it's just a little heartbreaking sometimes, but the work will go forward, and the Lord will take care of those I am leaving. Thanks for letting me get that out...it just happened so it's all I can think about! This is one of the reasons I was afraid of coming on a mission...I get too attached to people!!! ha ha = ) So anyway...that's all I know for now....tomorrow morning at transfer meeting I will find out who my new companion is and where I will be serving. Ahh...this is so weird!

WOW! How about CONFERENCE!!!!! I hope everyone got a chance to watch it. Conference is seriously better than Christmas to a missionary! I have never had so many powerful spiritual experiences listening to conference before...I know it is because I am the Lord's servant right now. And what an AMAZING announcement from our prophet!!! I totally would have gone when I was 19!!! This is going to double the missionary force and the sisters are going to be powerful! And they can still be getting married at 21! ; ) No fair! What is the greatest is that announcement really had nothing to do with me...I am already on a mission and have no family members that are 18 and 19 and could go on a mission...but when the prophet made that announcement I was filled with the spirit, head to toe, chills, and just started crying happy tears! What a beautiful confirmation to me that this was truly inspired! You should have seen all of us sisters at the Mormon Battalion after he said that...FLIPPING OUT!!! = ) It will be such an incredible blessing to millions!!!! How incredible. And as they talked about missionary work so much throughout conference, I felt overwhelming joy for the fact that I am here...I am a missionary for the Lord! I am so thankful that I had the strength and the faith to make sacrifices and trust in the Lord and come here and serve a mission....had I ignored my promptings and heard conference this weekend...I would have been so disappointed in myself....but I was joyful knowing I followed the spirit and it brought me here and I know without a doubt it is where the Lord would have me be and what He would have me be doing! You can always regret not going, but you can never regret going....to anyone thinking of serving a mission now...with this new change....just GO! As my wise stake President Shill always said, "Trust in the Lord a little will ya? This is His work." ...and I add, there is no greater work to be a part of! The Lord needs a mighty army!!! "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!" I promise you will never regret it and it will bring you greater happiness than anything else in this life ever could! "How great shall be your joy!!!" Get those papers started and just try and prove me wrong. ; ) I am so lucky, honored, and glad I am here....you will be too = )

Sean Pennala is finally getting baptized on Saturday! We met with him last night and he told us he said a prayer to feel the spirit before he went to bed. He said that he then had a dream that was like Joseph Smith's first vision...only he was in the place of Joseph...he said he saw a light and he could feel in his dream the power of the spirit and he was so happy...he woke up and said a prayer and continued to feel it and knew....!!!!!! = ) His countenance was so unbelievably bright and he was alight with joy! Our hearts were so happy for him.

Tony...our investigator getting baptized in November who's been really attached to his church choir....turned his keys in to his old church and said goodbye to his choir so he could be fully committed to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! What a huge step of faith!

Jack, our Pentecostal investigator, came to conference and watched with us and said he felt the spirit as the prophet spoke and started pointing out all of the different things he liked about the talks...he looked at the pictures of Christ we have at the Battalion right now (traveling art exhibit of "Witnesses of Christ" by Liz Lemon Swindle - amazing and brings the spirit so strong) and took the tour and he is now texting us to set his appointments = ) The Book of Mormon is changing his heart and I know he will come to know the truth and be baptized soon.

I have seen so many miracles and have been so blessed in this area....I feel many challenges are going to come...I've just had it too easy!!! ; ) But it's OK...it just means that the Lord trusts me and knows I can handle a little more stretching and a little more growing...He must really love me = ) D&C 58:2-5. I can do this!

I love you all so much and hope you are doing all you can to live close to the Lord. Why would we do anything else? That's just dumb!

Lots of love,
Sister Riggs