Welcome to the missionary blog of Sister Ralynne Riggs. Here you will be able to follow Ralynne's experiences as she serves a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in the California San Diego Mission and Mormon Battalion Historic Site. We will do our best to keep you updated weekly and hope you will find joy in being a part of Sister Riggs' mission!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sister Riggs- Becoming like our Savior

Dear Family,
      Well did you all survive Thanksgiving? Have you all come out of your food comas yet? I hope your hearts and homes were filled with love. I prayed in the morning to be encompassed with love and to have opportunities to lift others so much that I wouldn't have time to ache for home...because I was feeling a little homesick...and the Lord answered my prayer. It was such a wonderful day and Sister Hudson and I were able to do a lot of good in the homes we were in. We shared our testimonies throughout the day and messages of gratitude for the gospel and the love of the Lord. I had an incredible personal study that morning that left me in tears as I learned a little deeper of the Savior's love and just how closely I am working with Him right now, and how much He really is depending on me to bring His brothers and sisters He suffered for individually back to His presence. He truly has commissioned us...and we promised. I cried with gratitude for the opportunity to be a missionary right now and was so thankful I made it here. My time is short today but maybe I will share further insight in a future letter.
     We had a couple of amazing talks in church on Sunday about overcoming adversity and I just want to share a couple of things I thought were profound..."A Kite can't soar without the opposition of the wind....When we be-moan our adversity, we are second-guessing our choice to come here to this earth and accept God's plan...Trials are God showing His faith in us....Abraham had to learn about Abraham (in trials we learn a whole lot about ourselves)...We are here to prove ourselves. Will we follow the Lord no matter what or just when everything is going right? Trials are our chance to become like God and Jesus Christ and without the trials we cannot do so. ...The color in our life comes from overcoming trials.....We are like the horseshoe...some of the metal can't take the heat and get thrown on the scrap pile. We should say, "Try me in any way you please Lord, but don't throw me on the scrap pile." Our trials are our chance to put on our own divinity."
    I hope there is something in there that can bring comfort to your hearts if you are feeling you are in deep waters. The Lord loves us...He is there for us. He will give help in times of need.
    I love my Savior and am so thankful for this season to share His spirit with others in even greater abundance. Let us not forget the greatest gift of all!
All my love,
Sister Riggs