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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Missionary Dreams‏

Happy Labor Day Everyone! 
Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend with your family and loved ones! I don't have a lot of time this week, but will share a couple of quick things:
First of all...this may make you laugh...I haven't shared a room with someone in like 15 years or something...so it has been a while since I've had someone tell me I talk in my sleep! Apparently, I don't just talk in my sleep, but I teach the gospel in my sleep! My companion, Sister Tanner, asked me the other morning in a knowing way, "So...how'd you sleep?" I said, "Good....I think I had my first missionary dream." She said, "You sure did!" I was confused and she said I had awakened her in the night as I boldly, and I guess loudly quoted scripture and was committing someone to pray! Ha ha...I said, no way is that true! She said, "Yes! It was about 12:04 am and you said, "BEHOLD!!!", and quoted scripture and then committed someone to pray!" She said she was worried about me at first but then realized I was having a missionary dream and said, "OK Sister Riggs, I'll pray!" And went back to sleep! ....Then again the other morning she said, "How'd you sleep?" I said. "What did I wake you up again?" She said, "Yep 12:09 am...telling me how much you love your family and literally teaching how the Gospel blesses families right out of Preach My Gospel!" I totally don't believe her but I guess I can't exactly deny it either....So if you come into my room around midnight, you are likely to be taught the Gospel by me! Ha ha...a missionary's work is never done! No rest for the weary...I even teach and worry over my investigators while I sleep! ha ha...Just thought you all might enjoy that.
One quick miracle I was a part of this week. I was doing my temple shift and there was this cute Asian girl trying to take a picture of herself and I offered to take one for her. I then taught her about the temples and showed her the pictures of the inside. You should have seen her when I showed her what the Celestial Room looked like. She started giggling and saying "Oh oh oh my gosh it's so beautiful! oh!!!" and she was just so full of joy and she grabbed my arm and said, "How! Tell me how I can go there!!" I smiled and said, "I would LOVE to!" She is from Guanjo, China, where I performed as a Young Ambassador! She is here going to school and she said she comes to the temple on the weekends to feel peace!! Are you kidding!? So prepared!!! I talked with her about temples, and families being together forever...found out she came from a broken family that has really affected her. I was so happy to tell her of the hopeful and bright future she could have ahead of her! I asked if I could sing a song I had sung for years since I was a little girl...I sang, "I love to See the Temple" and she started crying! I helped her recognize she was feeling the spirit! We took a picture together and I got her information and the missionaries will be teaching her now...and I KNOW she will walk into that celestial room someday! = ) I loved her from the moment I met her and feel as though we have been friends for a long time! The Lord really is preparing His children! Those who come to the temple to feel peace just by looking at it and being on the grounds...you KNOW they recognize there is more! So cool!!!
Sorry this week is short! I love you all and am doing great and continue to see mighty miracles in this work! It is REAL!!! It is TRUE!!!
Love you for Eternity!!!
Sister Riggs